For almost a year now, Gerep has delegated authority from Gan and Generali for the handling of benefit claims. From now on, we make sick-leave benefit payments, for some of our clients, on behalf of the insurance companies. This token of confidence demonstrates the reliability of our processes and our IT systems as well as the quality of Gerep’s relationship, down through the years, with insurers. This new scheme offers significant advantages for our clients.

1- Speedy settlement

The first advantage, unanimously acclaimed by our clients, is the reduction in settlement times: 5 days maximum from the date of receiving the statement from the State social insurance office (Social Security) whereas this could take up to three weeks before. Now that claims are handled directly by Gerep, a whole lot of complications fall away, including the accompanying postal delays. Furthermore, if a document is missing from the file, it can be requested immediately and so avoid an exchange of letters with the insurance company. In the end, Gerep deals with payments on a daily basis.

2- Standing by the claimant: a dedicated claims handler and medical advisor

Each client benefits from one single contact person who is familiar with the case. This guarantees customised advice and optimum reactivity. Especially so, as Gerep has an in-house medical advisor who works hand-in-hand with the claims staff. The physician can take decisions as to the admissibility in medical terms and provide swift answers to clients’ questions.

3- Transparency: easy access to information

  A statement setting out full details accompanies each benefit payment taking some of the workload off HR departments. Each statement, in particular, shows the operative covers, any time franchises, the amount of Social Security daily benefits received and any salary benefit paid…

What is more, all documents exchanged are scanned and stored on an EDM server (electronic data management). This storage method ensures that documents are totally and instantly available for our claims staff.

4- Made-to-measure service “by Gerep”

The ultimate goal for Gerep in delegated authority schemes is to provide clients with made-to-measure service. Each client account is configured on an individual basis. Only the supporting documents for the covers actually taken out are called for. The system caters for planned reminders for updated documents to be sent in. In addition to the detailed statements that come with each benefit payment, clients can print out customised reports. They can also opt for payments by cheque or bank giro transfer. Cherry on the cake: Our clients receive a kit with a checklist “How to claim sick-leave benefits”. templates for making sick-leave declarations and for medical certificates, as well as clearly identifiable coloured envelopes that guarantee medical secrecy when sending in supporting documents to our medical advisor.

Gerep has never seen insurance broking as just being a mere intermediary between companies and the insurers. The delegation of authority to handle benefit claims has enabled us to go a stage further in consultancy, client proximity and tailor-made services. After this successful experience with two insurers, we can safely say that there will be others in the months to come.

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