Health insurance plans are a major feature of a company’s social strategy.  The regulatory, tax and URSSAF environment has become ever more complex through successive Finance Acts.

Although this started out as a niche sector, over the years it has evolved into a valid profession within a company’s HR Department. It is nowadays no longer enough to simply set up a pension and healthcare scheme. The HR Manager or Benefits Manager must also manage the technical aspects of their schemes for the long-term. In addition, this knowledge base also enables them to deal with the claims aspect of the contracts. Given the attractive nature and the social welfare aspect of these schemes, they do in fact have to be “controlled”.

In 2014, customers are now able to take advantage of GEREP’s actuarial expertise through Be_Act, a company which deals with actuarial advice and training in social welfare. Operating independently from the healthcare insurer, the company provides well-informed decisions on technical and financial guidance, and the management of costs and charges.  Whether this is for auditing an existing scheme, providing recommendations for the drafting of technical specifications or analysing the schemes’ annual financial reports, Be_Act will be there to support you for the long-term and enable you to benefit from its know-how.

In a changing environment, training enables standards to be brought up to the required levels on a regular basis. Since the introduction of the 2003 Fillon Act, the areas of pensions, health and retirement have regularly had to undergo changes as a result of welfare and tax exemption regulations (more and more frequent retirement reforms, Social Security Finance Acts, Transferability of the Inter-professional National Agreement, Act advocating employment income, Act bringing an overhaul of social democracy and reforms to working time, etc.)  As such, companies have also seen the emergence of new restrictions on other social aspects:

  • Employee savings plans,
  • Retirement savings plans,
  • Managing retirements within the company
  • Technical, accounting and legal issues of the company’s liabilities
  • Managerial contracts,
  • Setting up pension and healthcare cost safeguards,
  • The CHSCT (Committee on Health, Safety and Working Conditions),
  • The GPEC (Workforce and Competency Planning and Development),
  • Social dialogue within the company,
  • The functions of the trade union representatives

There are many other areas in which Be_Act can support you with their advice and training in 2014!

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