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Damien's Editorial of October 22nd

Posted on 30 October 2013

These last days were strong in feelings, " that moves " for French Benefits!

Damien's Editorial of October 22nd

Indeed, the Constitutional Council decided, last Friday, good time for quite, to make "outlawed" the clauses of names. The latter confirms the censorship of the article L912-1 of the Code of the Social Security and sets of more the care of calling back the inapplicability of this article since June 16th, 2013. This decision of the highest jurisdiction is thus imperative upon public authorities.

It thus comes to confirm a will to leave the free the choice of its body insurer to the company but especially that the clauses of names of Professional sectors are unconstitutional!

In spite of the voice of the wise men, the Minister of Social Affairs and the Health and the Minister of social and united the Economy and the consumption, return through the window and try to by-pass the law by trying to set up a fiscal device(plan) to favor the mutualization of Branch. 

More simply, to charge to companies the fact of not choosing the body "recommended" insurer by increasing the rate of the social fixed price(package) is 20 % instead of the current 8 %! 

This initiative becomes a reality through an amendment to the bill of the financing of the Social Security 2014 put deposited today! 

It is so belligerent thus always as we take back our mobilization to let live the free-market economy and the freedom of choice of companies and their employees. To illustrate our words, we invite you to read the joined press articles and to listen to Editorials published on BFM TV and RTL in particular. 

RTL Conso matin Armelle Levy - " Votre complémentaire santé pourrait augmenter ? " 

Les Echos 21 Oct 2013 - Santé collective : l'exécutif veut encadrer le choix de l'assureur

L'Opinion 21 Octobre 2013

If the amendment was voted as is, would increase, in a totally arbitrary way, the cost of your social welfare. 

Do not hesitate to relieve this piece of news affected the freedom to undertake with your professional organizations and your various relays.

We are ready to accompany you in this approach.