These last few days have been highly emotional, « that’s stirring things up » for our Social Welfare!

Editorial from Damien on 22nd October

The Constitutional Council in fact decided, last Friday, once and for all to declare the designation clauses as « outside the law ». They confirmed their censorship of Article L912-1 of the Social Security Code and even made sure to remind us of the unenforceability of this Article of 16 June 2013. This decision from the highest jurisdiction level is therefore imposed on the public authorities.

This just serves to reinforce the will of allowing companies the freedom of choice for its insurance provider but, more importantly, it confirms that the designation clauses of professional Sectors are anti-constitutional !

Despite the voices of the wise men, The Department of Health and Social Affairs and the Department responsible for Social Economy and Consumption crept back in through the window and tried to get around the law by introducing a fiscal measure in favour of the pooling of Sectors.

More simply put, to make companies pay for not choosing the « recommended » insurance provider by increasing the rate of social charges to 20% instead of the current 8%!

This initiative is being carried out through an amendment to the 2014 Social Security Financing Bill submitted today !

It is therefore with even greater fighting strength that we take up our mobilisation in order to keep alive the free competition and the freedom of choice for companies and their employees. To illustrate what we are saying, we invite you to read the press articles attached and to listen to the programmes published notably on bfm tv and RTL.

RTL Morning Edition Armelle Levy – “Could your supplementary healthcare increase? ”

Les Echos 21 Oct 2013 – Group healthcare : The executive wants to control the choice of insurer

L’Opinion 21 October 2013

If this amendment was voted in as it stands, this would increase the cost of your social welfare in a completely arbitrary manner.

Do not hesitate to pass on this new breach of freedom of liberty to your professional organisations and your different intermediaries. We are ready to stand beside you in this process.

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